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Tax Filing

We offer a full service from registering to file a tax return, through to managing all Crypto transactions to filing your tax return with HMRC.

We can also help get you set up on Crypto software such as Koinly, Recap, Crypto Tax Calculator.

Tax Compliance

We ensure that your taxes are completely up to date and that the correct rules have been applied to your Crypto transactions in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Tax Planning

We help plan your tax liabilities in the most efficient manner. Whether that’s as a sole trader, a partnership or a Limited company.

Furthermore, we can guide investors regarding utilising losses and managing poor performing assets. 

Tax Investigation Services

In the unlikely case (though it can happen) that HMRC require further clarification or information regarding your trades and taxes, we can help assist the investigation by speaking to HMRC directly as your appointed agent.


Though we can’t provide investing advice, we can provide general advice regarding your Crypto assets. 

Whether you’re into gaming, mining, NFTs or liquidity pools we can offer advice regarding wallets, record keeping and fraud prevention.

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